Art 21: Los Angeles

This Art 21 episode emphasizes on the various arts of Los Angeles. It documents four different artists by the names of Diana Thater, Liz Larner, Tala Madani, and Edgar Arceneaux. Thater takes interest in space, installations, and the relationship between animal and human culture. She specializes in recreating space and provides video photography to project into that entire space. Larner is a sculptor that enjoys ruptured or broken sculptures that are made from clay. She believes that her art is about what is happening physically rather than the technique that was used to birth the creation. Madani is an Iranian painter whose works can typically be identified by smiley faces who lack noses (similar to the Wal-Mart smiley) or the bearded men who seem to reappear in many of her pieces. Lastly, Arceneaux dabbles in the performing arts, fine arts, and philosophy. I enjoyed most of the artists’ works and I admired that they all have different concentrations within the art field.

My favorite artists from this episode was Tala Madani however there is a quote that Liz Larner said that stuck out to me. She said to follow your ideas and change your mind. I enjoy that quote because for me, it’s confirmation that it is okay to be indecisive sometimes. Any who, Madani’s style is rather distinct and that is what attracted me to her. Another reason I am biased towards her is because she is a painter like myself and that makes me feel like I can relate to her on a more personal level. She explains that men are typically her subjects due to her curiosity of men. Madani also takes interest in what children are capable of and what adults are capable of. Hence why some of the subjects in her works appear to be childlike with their gestures or shapes.

All of the artists within this Art 21 episode are bound together by the simple fact that they reside in Los Angeles. I found the video to be very organized and easy to follow. This episode displays the creation process while simultaneously providing the artist’s statement. The transitions between artists are foreshadowed by background music, adding to the organization of the episode as a whole. Overall I found this episode to be rather interesting and informative. It’s always uplifting to hear the advice of other artists like oneself.

– Aiesha Kornegay


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