Post 3: VIDEOS


DIRECTIONS: Students will select one Art 21: Art in the Twentieth Century episode (stream a full Episode, not a segment) of their choice.

About Art21: “Art in the Twenty-First Century provides unparalleled access to the most innovative artists of our time, revealing how artists engage the culture around them and how art allows viewers to see the world in new ways.” The first seven seasons present episodes organized thematically that present the work of 3-5 contemporary artists. Season eight does not organize artists around an artistic theme, but by the places where they live: Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Vancouver.

You can select one episode from Season Eight here:

Or, you can select one episode from Season One – Seven here (as this is a complete video archive, be sure to select a video with the subtitle “EPISODE”):  Be sure to watch a full episode and not just one segment (video should be just under one hour long).

After watching the video, students will identify the Episode they chose and outline the episode’s theme, the artists represented, and some of the interesting questions posed or points addressed. Think of this as your own original review of the Episode. What bound the artists together? What did you find interesting about the Episode? Did anything strike you as useful to your own artwork or thinking? Did you find the artists compelling or challenging? How was a story told across the different segments of the exhibition – is there voice-over, text, video montage? Was there continuity between the different artists and segments? Present your overall opinion of the episode with authority – channel your critical readings!

In your 350-word post, you must include two hyperlinks to outside content, along with one image from one artist featured in your Art 21 Episode. Provide a hyperlinked caption to the artwork.

DUE: October 20th

Header Image: Ai Weiwei, Remembering, 2009, backpacks on the facade of the Haus der Kunst (Munich).