“Getting Contemporary Art”

The article I read, “Getting Contemporary Art” is meant to be sarcastic. This article was published by Virginia B. Spivey on https://www.khanacademy.org. Spivey speaks her mind about contemporary art. Contemporary art is much different then the Tombstone paintings or Greek sculptures back in the day before Jesus Christ was born.

Contemporary art is going on right now. Nevertheless, contemporary art is struggling to establish itself in our society. The main issue that is discussed in this article is that it seems to be difficult to people to understand what contemporary art truly is and to categorize today’s art.

To me, contemporary art is fun and takes abstract art to a whole new level. I think of Pop Art, which this article talks about Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans that was made in 1962. I have learned a lot about Andy Warhol this year and in the past too. He likes to create an image and repeat it over and over again in this art works. If you compare art like Andy Warhol to Michelangelo’s David back in the Renaissance time period 1501-1505 you see two completely different artists but great and unique in their own way. I know it may seem unfair because they are not the same medium and I am comparing the two, however, that is not my point here.

The main issue is that people are much rather focusing on recognizing the beauty of art that happened centuries ago, like Rembrandt’s or Giotto’s art for example. Instead of giving today’s artist credit for what they are doing, our society still focuses on the art in the past due to their historical value. As a modern society, we need to stop paying too much attention to art that already happened and try to appreciate our contemporary artists more. Trying to understand the different types of art we have right now could help to establish a whole new era of brilliant artists. Giving the contemporary artists a true chance and understanding their art could bring them to the same level as the artists from the past that we adore so much.

– Caroline Booth




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