An ‘Encounter’ to Remember


This post is about a play called ‘The Encounter”, which is a remarkable piece of art with great elements of storytelling. This play is being staged in New York City at Broadway’s Golden Theatre until January next year. The great thing about this particular story is that Simon McBurney, who is a star and the creator of the movie, ‘The Encounter’ tells the tale as the audience sits and listens to him through their headphones that one finds on every seat. He does this using metaphysics and his voice while creating this cinematic effect for the audience by simply using a mannequin that creates invisible physical sets. He uses sound to tap into people’s minds instead of using the photographic material.

He uses the binaural head to make people feel as though they are in the places that he is taking about.  According to Ty Burr, McBurney, who hails from Cambridge and has been through the Brexit event, went for this method of presentation as a way of bringing the American people together and creating a sort of harmony that would greatly help them make decisions considering the upcoming elections. Although what many people will go for when watching this play is mostly the sensuous effect that comes with it and the kind of technology used, it would be important to look at the deeper meaning and the message that McBurney is trying to send across.

This type of theatre addresses the time we live in. McBurney has brought it out in a manner that identifies with what is going on in the American people’s lives. I think that as a work of art, this qualifies to be an educational piece that every American should strive to watch and understand its profound meaning. What this play is trying to communicate to its audience is the ability to listen to one another as a human being. It also shows people their perception of reality and tries to connect people in ways that a conversation between two people would not. With the upcoming general elections in the United States, citizens could learn a lot from what McBurney about national cohesion seeing that this play comes during an important period of elections. In my opinion, with the current division among Americans, this play holds out hope for America.


–  Yusheng Zhang


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