Los Angeles

After watching ART21 Season 8: Art in the Twenty-First Century premiered September 16, 2016, I got to experience four great artists in Los Angeles. All four artists had their own unique touch.

The first artist, Diana Thater was very interested in installation art. She first wanted to become an architect until she got older and decided to either be a superstar or an artist. In a way she got a taste of both because she is a great artists and is good at what she does. One quote from Thater that I found very interesting is: “I want them to know they are entering in a work of art.” This makes me think a lot about her work and putting my self in their place as an artist and in this view I would want my viewers to do the same. Something I found very interesting was she was very scared of animals but she does a lot of installation artwork on them. “Seeing dolphin and feeling in? Feeling the buzz and the super fast flutter that bees do.” One artwork that I really enjoyed learning about in the video and doing more research was gorilla, gorilla, gorilla that was made in the year of 2009. She made this for three reasons one was to show people that they are endangered and the second is three ways of film and last reason is gorillas explained to us by science.

Aspen Art Museum: Diana Thater: Gorillagorillagorilla.”

Concert Exhibition Opening: Diana Thater and Anna Sew Hoy.”

The second artist mentioned, Liz Larner, a studio artist that explores art by being creative and designing hands on projects. She was very fun to learn about in the video. I loved seeing all the very artworks she did. She said: “follow your ideas, not do the same thing over and over again. She specializes in clay and did lots of clay projects. She allows her abstract artworks to be a fun puzzle piece for her viewers. “I don’t really like to tell people what to think of things.” That is very cool to me that she lets us create an own image to ourselves of what we think her art is about.

The third artist, Tala Madani has a eye of a painter. She grew up in Iran, unlike the other artists in the video that always thought as Los Angles as home. She as a painter allowed to express her culture through her art. She starts to sketch out a rough drawing before she picks up a paint brush. She focuses a lot on shadows and form.

The very last artist in this video, Edgar Arceneux had great points to young artist like me who hope to be successful in the art world like these artists. He was focused on “bending the rules”. He expressed that art is good and art is bad. Randomness is key in Edgar’s view. He showed us class. He explored where the working class lived in Los Angles and that he felt more at home.

All four artists were very interesting and I felt like I learned a lot. Not all are born in raised in Los Angeles but they all seem to be happy there.

– Caroline Booth


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