Art in the Twenty-First Century

The art of the twenty-first century is one of a kind since it offers unparalleled access to important innovative artists of the modern day time, whereby it reveals how these artists engage their culture around them as well as how this art permits the views to see their world in an entirely new way. For the first time in the history of art, the episodes appear disorganized around the theme of the artist. Instead of the organization, the 16 featured artists grouped by use of unique and revealing relationships to specific places where they live. After selecting and streaming a full episode of one 21st art, Frontline, something significant became of concern. The paper will discuss the review of this episode I selected from the eight seasons and analyze it to answer various questions.


The main thing that bound the artists together was the theme of the art. Without the theme, it would be tough for the artists to work in harmony since they had no clear objective of what they wanted to achieve. Most of the artists in the video represented the modern world performance and a totally changed culture in comparison to the traditional performance style. For instance, the mode of dressing while performing in the 21st-century video was entirely different from the one of the previous decades. Some of the most significant questions that have been posed in the video is that, can culture influence art especially in the 21st century. For instance, Golden Globe and the Award winner of the TV documentaries known as Emma joins the literature of Peabody which is also an award winner due to the way it embraces a modern culture in the way it has been acted. In other words, some actors and actresses are changing to make themselves fit the conditions of the 21st century by all means. Chicago is one of the cities that have been rooted in the industry that towers architecture as well as artists of Chicago and thus has to embrace the culture of the 21st century. The way the artists presented their work was very compelling and challenging the audience to embrace the culture of the late century which is also one of the major themes being addressed.

– Yusheng Zhang

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