Jennifer McCabe, “Review: Betye Saar: Still Tickin”

Jennifer McCabe, “Review: Betye Saar: Still Tickin,” Panorama: Journal of Association of Historian of American Art, summer 2016(2.1).

This is a review by Jennifer McCabe about the exhibitions of Betye Saar. The review is published in the Panorama which is a journal for the association of historians in the American art. Betye Saar: Still Tickin, is one of the interesting exhibitions consisting of more than a hundred works which are discussed in the context of black feminism arts. In her review for the works, Jennifer makes it clear that the works of Saar are very relevant not only in the museums but also in other social and cultural arenas. Jennifer highlights that the exhibitions are arranged in three thematic sections namely; the red time room, sanctified visions, and bridge of memory.

Jennifer has presented the ideas in her review in a logical manner such that she starts by introducing the works and then later reviewing the content of the artworks. The author has used very convincing language which has made it easier for the readers to understand and connect her review with what they know. In fact, the presentation of the review is very appealing and persuasive such that it makes one think of visiting the exhibitions to have a feel of what the author is trying to depict the artworks. The review effectively connects with my view about the artworks such as the emotional information that Betye has always portrayed in her artworks. For instance when she writes; “In fact, the idea that objects contain emotional information is something in which Betye Saar firmly believes. In some instances, she reinforces the nature of her materials, and in other cases, she completely transforms their original use”.

The entire review by Jennifer McCabe presents a positive critic to the works of Saar. The assessment of the works is professional and very relevant. Jennifer has embraced relevance and reliability in her review thus making her assessment on the works very convincing. The author has also made the review convincing by referring to other works by Saar. For instance when she says; “With The Liberation of Aunt Jemima, Saar transformed the negative stereotype of willful nanny to a symbol of resistance and revolution”. It is therefore justifiable to say that there are no any confusing elements in the entire review thus making one of the best I have ever come across.

– Yusheng Zhang

Below is an image illustrates some of the works of Betye Saar. The image had also being used by Jennifer in her review to make it clear about what she was talking about in the review.


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