Andy Warhol, Warhol in his own words

Andy Warhol’s works revolved around his films and painting, and that he had the surface perspective of things. He added that the reason he painted that way was that he intended to become a machine as he felt as if he was a machine. The report further quoted, ‘’ I like annoying things”. That’s all he meant when he said it, however, it never meant that he never got bored with boring things. He pointed that what he considers boring must be the same as other people’s perspective. He added that people relished watching the same content over the television as long as it contained different details.

Andy thought of himself as one American Artist, and he liked it that way and fancies that being. He anticipated working in Europe as an artist that did different things from what he did in America. Andy refuted being a social critic and claimed that he stood for the US in his piece of art. He painted whatever he painted as that is what he best knew, unlike other artists. He said that he did not intend to criticize the USA from whatever angle and did not intend to link any ugliness with the USA.

Andy adored America in the piece of art that he specialized in, unlike Storm Door, (1960), which did not like the US. He loved the US since America’s Foundation got built on the same piece of land that both poor and rich acquired their goods. One would watch the television and note that the rich and the poor consumed the same products. He cited the example of a coke where he noted that “no amount of money could aid one get a better coke other than that which people consume locally”.

He added that business art followed art, as he began his career from commercial artist and intended to finish as a commercial artist. After his art, he would go to business. A business kind of artist to him is the best a person can get. He cited that people regarded money as bad or working as a burden. However, making money is art, and one of the best businesses a person can do is that of art.

Reference: Pop: Andy Warhol, Warhol in his own words: Untitled statements (1963-87).

– Yusheng Zhang


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